528-800-cropOur Mission

A faith-based ministry offering free pregnancy counseling, support, and services to help women and families make informed choices for life.

Our Vision

To establish within the Quad Cities:

  • A moral climate that respects and actively promotes the protection and dignity of all human life;
  • A community where every person including the unborn, the physically challenged and the elderly are all valued and respected as unique individual persons;
  • A community that reaches out with special love and compassion to assist pregnant women, their unborn babies and members of their families;
  • A community where the power to love is so potent it can change the human heart.
Board of Directors
Chris Johnson
Mary Jones, President
Dan Laubenthal
Jim Luebke

Beth Millea, Treasurer
Eleza Miller

Laura Stahler, Vice President
Clark Stojan
Jeanne Wonio, Secretary
Medical Team
Jenny Carr, L.P.N.
Pam Galanius, R.N., Clinical Director
Peggy Hepton, R.N.

Sarah Leinart, R.N.
Naomi McCloud, R.N.
Angelika Peiffer, M.D.
Rose Schultz, R.N.
Rose Warhank, M.D., Medical Director
Ann Zullo, R.T.
Client Advocates
Ginny DeFrieze, Volunteer
Sarah Jansen, L.C.S.W./L.I.S.W.
Mary Klein
Diane Marchik, Volunteer
Nadine Roth, Volunteer
Kathy Schwab, Volunteer
Annette Williams, Volunteer
Theresa Woodard, Volunteer
Rachel Kramer, M.S.W., Client Services Director
Kathy Meier, Development Assistant

We are proudly affiliated with:

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