Community Impact

561-800-cropWe are located in the heart of our Quad Cities community where we share LIFE amidst a culture of abortion.

An abortion center had opened in the late 90’s and eventually was defunded and closed December, 2017. In 2018 our Board of Directors purchased that building and we relocated while leasing our former building to a private childcare center. Since May 21, 2018, we’ve experienced the redemption of our space from death to promoting LIFE.

Since relocating...

  • We’ve seen a 24% increase in new Clients in this new location
  • 300+% increase in phone calls from abortion-minded women.
Since restrictions were put in place for Covid-19, we have provided 473 Resource Visits

1,276 mothers have been empowered with love, compassion and truth to save their babies lives since 2002.

2020 Year to Date

  • 117 Pregnancy Tests
  • 123 Ultrasounds
  • 3 STI Tests
  • 917 Resource Visits: clothing, diapers, small items